Beck’s Series

A series of interviews with three Romanian influencers done in a very modern, cinematic way, using a lot of mixed media.

What is special about these interviews is that I wanted to shoot the characters in three different spaces. This gave me a lot of room to play in post-production and a touch on a rich pallet of emotions.

Client: Beck’s Romania 

Agency: Fractal Agency

  • Art Director: Agatha Müller
  • Copywriter: Mihai Țițirig
  • Account manager: Cristina Airinei
  • PR Executive: Melania Adam
  • Producator: Andreea Călina
  • Director: Andrei Gheorghe
  • DoP: Zoran Simulov
  • Operator secund: Alexandru Daniel
  • Drona: Alexandru Daniel
  • Intervievator: Mihai Pascu
  • Scenografie: Flavia Barabas 
  • Operator camera studio 1: Barbu Nitelea 
  • Operator camera studio 2: Alexandru Daniel
  • Sunet: IQ Media 
  • Sunet studio: Daniel Sandu 
  • Focus puller: Ana Roxana 
  • Asistent camera studio: Cornel Popescu
  • Asistent camera locatie: Alex Frangulea 
  • Electrica: Adrian Bulgariu
  • Props master: Stefan Valentin, Silviu Oprea 
  • Make-up: Ina Francis 
  • Echipament: SC Videolink SRL/ Music Gear
  • Lentile: Forest Film
  • Locatie: Dă Space
  • Montaj si colorizare: Yatesey Alexandru
  • Mix sunet: Hardplay