McD Advent _ Action

An action packed commercial with brilliant transitions between scenes.


Dance. Dance. Dance. A shoe campaign expressed through a groovy dance vibe.

La Festa

Seven setups, each with it’s own custom design and seamless transition.

Mami – Short Film

How to keep your inner child alive and enjoy flying at 89.

McDonald’s Advent

The brief was to adress the young. I did that with very rich and dynamic visuals.

Garnier – Color Naturals

A hair and beauty commercial focusing on character self – confidence.


A campaign that introduces some very nice characters.


Two TVCs with a very bold art direction and lighting.

Litoralul Romanesc

A painting-inspired composition that works well with the main idea.

McDonald’s x Rares

It has all the creativity of a music video, but with all the thinking that goes into a commercial. It’s raw, analogue and approachable.

Memoria Gustului I

The first part of an emotional and cinematic TVC campaign for Penny Romania.

Verdoo App

A dystopic vision of the world, Gen Z characters and a bright future.


A mix of greenscreen, cgi and real elements to create a forest in a studio.

OPPO Performance

An interview that gives you the feeling of what it’s like to be in the shoes of international tennis star, Horia Tecau.

Unlock Your Own Rhythm

Beck’s international campaign, designed as a continuous walk through stories in which music is the firestarter.

Memoria Gustului II

The second part of the campaign, consisting of a 45s TVC shot in the Carpathian Mountains.


Bringing a bit of a gen z fashion attitude to a delicious snack.


Defining the Romanian equivalent for “Hygge”.

#UnlockYourself Series

Three interviews shot dynamically and emotionally for Beck’s.

Are you sure?

Exploring doubt through a dolly-zoom effect. Series of 3 TVCs for

What is Hygge?

Comic short film for about what Hygge might feel like in Romania. 

It Takes Two to Fence

My first feature film, selected in different festivals around the world.

Femei pe Mătăsari

 A very personal promotion for the festival, exploring feminity and leisure through image and poetry.